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Original Music

Apart from performing covers of great music, Anna Nantawan is a passionate songwriter.  Her vision is to share words of meaning and expression of truth through melody.  With the help of her band members Bank, Geng and Maew of course!


Is our first original song recorded

NANTAWAN - Another World [Official Lyric Video]

NANTAWAN - Another World [Official Lyric Video]

Anna wrote this song for her mother who passed away in 2011.

"The love from our loved ones, protect and encourage us to be strong.  When I miss my mother, I always feel that her love lives forever in me.  It is just that I cannot see her in a physical way.  But at the same time, death is also a reality that we all have to face.  A reality that none of us can escape.  I know that one day we will be in the same place... together 'Another World.' "

Anna Nantawan

"I've Found Myself in Love with You"

"Don't Do That To A Friend"

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